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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our department is following the University’s Return to Campus Plan for fall term. Staff will be working remotely. Please see our web pages for more information about courses and our degree programs.  Questions may be e-mailed to

Welcome to the University of Oregon’s Medieval Studies Program

Medieval Studies supports the mission and strategic plan of the University of Oregon. It serves as proof, as do other specialized programs of study, that this is a “comprehensive research university,” offering undergraduates the benefits of active and professional research faculty. As an undergraduate program, Medieval Studies also enhances the university’s commitment to undergraduate education and participates in the goal of “helping the individual learn to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively and live ethically.” The UofO possesses a “commitment to international awareness and understanding,” a undertaking only thoroughly possible when we know and reflect on the past, as well as on our local and global present and future.

The depth of historical and cultural knowledge students gain with a Medieval Studies major or minor are similar to the benefits of any humanities major or minor, with the added advantage of focusing on the timely issues of Euro-Middle Eastern religious conflict, cooperation, and debate with a deeply historical perspective.

Our program offers students an extensive curricula which includes the Christian, Judaic and Islamic Middle Ages, as well as courses in feudal Japanese culture and East Asian Art and religious traditions. It is one of only a handful of programs at the University of Oregon that requires students to take courses in a variety of departments, from philosophy to music, and integrate knowledge into a cross-disciplinary grounding in a subject. It involves students in the depth of history and challenges them to analyze problems with more than one culture and time period in view.

Medieval Studies Majors have moved into employment in ways similar to students holding other Liberal Arts degrees (i.e., teaching, entry-level business, computer technology, public service, etc.). Some students are enrolled in graduate programs either within Medieval Studies or within traditional fields, such as History, where they are focusing on Medieval culture. Our students have gone on to graduate programs at University of Washington, University of Michigan, Yale, University of Toronto, University of Wales, and more.